The growth of social media has significantly changed how we consume information. Short-form video is how people, particularly young people, seek entertaining content and stay informed. So if you have yet to incorporate short-form videos into your content strategy, think again! 


Rising social media platform,TikTok, features a unique function to create and share short videos that potentially reach a larger audience within a shorter time frame and support businesses to increase their brand awareness tremendously. As a result, other social media platforms also integrate this similar function, such as Reels on Instagram


So why should you incorporate short-form videos into your content marketing strategy? Let’s dive right in, shall we? 


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Statistics About Short-Form Videos
  • 71% of Gen Z spends 3+ hours per day to watch online videos (Think With Google)
  • 68% of viewers will watch the video til the end if it’s under 1 minute (Vidyard
  • 93% marketers have successfully landed clients via social media videos (Animoto
  • 88% of marketers are satisfied with their ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media (Animoto
The Value of Short-Form Videos

Short-form videos provide an easier and quicker way to consume information compared to traditional approaches. The format lends itself to a creative way of communicating to your specific target audience. This means you can excite and inspire people in just 5 – 10 seconds of video. 


The content of short-form videos also brings a sense of community to the users and followers, where people try new things together, share insights or participate in a campaign. It closes the gap between brands and audiences and creates the feeling of one-on-one connection. 


In terms of content planning, they are super easy to distribute. You simply can share the videos through your phone or a Google file, since they’re small in file size. They’re also easier to repurpose to other platforms. Once you capture it, you will have the green light to repurpose your content and put it into perpetuity. 

What Types of Short-Form Video Content Can You Create? 

Well, this is the beauty of short-form videos as they free up your creative process. Based on your target audience, you can come up with different ideas to capture their attention and interest. Here are some of the evergreen content you can create: 

  • How to use your product/service 
  • Behind the scenes clips 
  • Customer testimonials
  • Inspiration/funny quotes 
  • Relatable memes 
  • Why we use/choose… ( your unique selling points) 
How To Nail It? 

The key to creating quality content for your TikTok or Reel is to keep it as natural and authentic as possible. You want to ensure you’re not “invading” their space with overly edited or high resolution advertisements. Instead, create raw and unfiltered videos that showcase your brand’s personalities and unique traits. 


Danish brands that are currently nailing it include @govistdenmark, @expatindenmark and @copenhagenexplore. The @copenhagenexplore virtually takes you around to explore different places, restaurants and natural sites in this beautiful capital of Denmark. With authentic content such as a day in the life, follow me around Copenhagen etc.., you feel like you’re living in the moment and travelling around the city.

Photo is credited to the @copenhagenexlore account.  
Key Takeaways: 

In a nutshell, short-form video is your secret weapon to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, increase sales and facilitate your community. Show the world what your brand is and why people should invest in your company. Remember, people buy on emotions for logical reasons. So why not tap into those emotions via short-form video content? 

Need some help creating your business Reels or TikTok? Head to our UbuntuBiz contact page and chat with us today!

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