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Social Marketing Manager

Shamiel Jansen,
founder and CEO

My personal philosophy is to be purpose-driven, prepared, and patient. I am a passionate entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience, which I have spent founding and consulting for, corporates, scaleups and startups in Africa & Europe. 

My main competencies are budgeting, financing, business development, sales, funding and strategy whilst having experience within the tech, retail, medtech and financial services industries. This includes international B2C & B2B experience on an executive level.

I believe all businesses, no matter how large or small, should have access to the critical resources and guidance needed to grow. I love working with early-stage startups but also established companies that aim to capture market share or generally seek to broaden their market scope. I enjoy working within a collaborative environment, alongside driven, focused and fun-loving individuals.

Leonardo Guerra,
creative director

I’m Leo, and I’m the authentic curious type who found in visual design the ultimate discipline to satisfy my yearning for adventure. Before moving to Denmark, I carried on several collaborations both in the creative and corporate field in Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands. 

Vector graphics, typography, illustration, photo and video editing, UI design, editorial design are the fields around which I had the opportunity to develop and strengthen my skills along the path I started over a decade ago.

Whenever I approach a new project, I seek to gather the most diverse information that will help me to shape an entirely new and personal concept. This is my first step towards the think-outside-the-box mindset I acquired by being involved in highly creative environments as the communication studios I worked with and the fine arts academy I graduated at.